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for the first time the visa was rejected recent plan to apply for help again ~


travel problem description:93, female, single.work in the past two years, just changed a new job less than a month, the sales company to take part in early september and accept short-term training.invitation letter and other relevant proof, name one car, deposit number, but the visa officer did not see.required to provide the corresponding products of the company, but was rejected, because not carrying side is going to apply for second interview.whether can ds160 and fill out is not the same as before?also need to pay attention to what?


if you need to make you the supplementary materials, will not be directly refused, or you have a problem the basic information of


i feel as if is false material tricked into signing agents to help you do.can open sales meeting and training in the united states should not a small company, u.s.companies go amcham channels.the second time in different companies will be refused.


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