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went to tokyo next month plan day swim better or go to kuala lumpur jesselton okinawa?

travel problem description:february next year plans to two family outing, 4 big 2 small, plans a total of 11 days.about now is to go to tokyo and okinawa good kota kinabalu or go to kuala lumpur.if he wants to go to the hello kitty park to go to tokyo, disney, mount fuji, kamakura, ole, etc.okinawa, want to put out to sea to see a whale playing by the ocean, but worry too cold water).considering to go to malaysia, mainly considering the hot weather, children like the seaside, can play beach.don't know how to choose now, please give directions~ and hope the great god can provide the travel arrangements, convenient travel arrangements and book ticket


winter to more appropriate some of south-east asia.if still have a chance to go out later, break time, each.if a rare opportunity, only go out once, then went to japan to play, after all, the overall environment better.


don't have to play these two places for 11 days.