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a day at the kamakura tokyo round (shinjuku's go)

travel problem description:home stay live near ueno the next day to buy oda urgent travel to kamakura day trip(if only to shinjuku tickets and can only be in shinjuku) said the internet destinations to river island of colleges and universities also want to go to kamakura switch before long valley temple hegang complications can the evening before finishing it oda urgent travel volume is intermediate to take the subway can use


oda steep river island of kamakura travel vouchers from shinjuku fujisawa ticket back and forth, back and forth and within the scope of the island of jiang kamakura jiang electric and oda freedom rides coupon, not including any subway.if pure amount from the above consideration, this is indeed a real buy, but you should consider one thing is time.from ueno directly by jr, eight stops direct fujisawa, if you want to do to shinjuku by oda nasty, eight stops may even haven't to shinjuku.


we are 10 points from shinjuku, play until 7 pm!!!!!


leave early, not to waste time no problem, want to go to shinjuku, are in the middle of the trolley is not subway, kamakura jiang of electricity can


oda and jiang of electricity can, other not line, such as subway and jr.oda hurry along were sold, but ueno or convenient to go to shinjuku buy