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freelance australian visa online i dealt with, or to find a pig on the travel agent

travel problem description:i handle in cyts tours, information pre-trial not passed, now i have the materials submitted by:bank water entries that ten thousand to fifteen thousand a month, but they are all personal deposit accounts, the balance is fifty thousand, i am a self-employed, is the company's legal person.round-trip air tickets already bought the ticket, i go to my girlfriend, she also provided her passport, my study in australia to study abroad visa, renting contract.they said that there had a 80% increased risk of being refused, because the visa officer does not accept private account to deposit money, so pre-trial didn't let me through, let me submit a travel plan, i am going to submit the visa letter, did i need to try to apply for a visa, so i bought the ticket, is there any way to increase the chances of?now have a headache, and prepared the rectified, feel nothing...


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your web", with the purpose of the trip to do rigorous schedule, determined not to mention any information about the girlfriend