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bud, shed - st wolfgang - hal mr eberstadt line arrangement

travel problem description:added again, plan to start early in the morning from ck to bud, due to the limited time give up playing with bud, only play san hatha, can not get a reserved accommodation choice accommodation bud because hatha(national day), so choose the middle ground is convenient to san hatha, the drive, the entire public transport.in addition, if the day arrived in pakistan chooses to st in the afternoon, so time to their defences, mountain?


ck directly to the san wolfgang, play to bud in accordance with the house.bus collect early, too late, also play bad.or live holy wolfgang, lakeside town scenery beauty in the morning and evening.


using obb scotty check bad ischl to wolfgang's schedule, the tips schafberg see little train under the guide of time, pay attention to whether had time to catch up with the last trip down the mountain, and make a decision.but feeling to hal tuesday afternoon will be better, don't hurry, got very nervous.take another look at the weather.


hal tuesday on the other side of the lake, ron can also accommodation, and closer to hal mr eberstadt, the scenery is very beautiful