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method to sign soe retreated inside government civil servants work to prove how the issue should be issued?


travel problem description:soon be dead.parents sign one thousand rejected.two thousand consulate requested materials.problems are out on work proof.they work belong to state-owned enterprises that kind of early retirement.but retreated inside enterprises, no retirement certificate.enterprises have a restart.because the former state-owned enterprises and local are separated, also does not have the so-called social security(pension is state-owned enterprises).actually this kind of situation is quite common.and state-owned enterprises, government, couldn't build official seal for personal use.early know it according to the unemployed and declare simple point.because the first figure, was rejected.each other understand this situation.that material is not real.units including work and social security information also can't do it.also in banks and the workplace.work unit no enterprise as a legal person(government agencies) and so on.because can't explain the face to face.retirement also no retirement certificate.social security also can't find(not the sort of state system of social security) in the social security system.and submitted to the purpose of, for the first time, and now riding a tiger, cannot say again unemployed.said jobless and false in the said materials.trouble is dead.i couldn't explain the face to face.do you have a similar problem.


letter to explain, explain in detail.


personal feel retreated inside state-owned enterprises should not open work certificate.