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the australian visa rejection can appeal?or you can immediately apply for afresh again?ask you to give advice

travel problem description:my friends and i set up group apply online australian visa.7.17 to disclose the information, today, august 10, my visa smoothly to sign, the results of my friend's visa was turned down.rejected for the following reasons:please give advice.whether can help a friend a complaint, or apply for afresh again online?or find a travel agency to apply for?


600 no grievance procedures can only 2000


a visa letter machine-made, you have to say and what materials related to the entry and exit conditions such as


your friend what's the problem with the key depends on the information provided to decide whether to 2000.if data have shortcomings, i couldn't short-term improvement, 2000 does not make sense.if the visa officer doubt factors can a persuasive data supplement, may 2000.but sign to yourself and don't find agent, the agent may be counterproductive.australian visa is individual audit, are to hand in material or group does not affect the result of the visa.


no pay pay check water?no/employment certificates?


he made what material?a visa letter said there was no enough wages and work proves that information.this can't appeal to sign it.