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pray god to help australian visa twice to do will have an impact on other countries

travel problem description:for the first time is february the refusal is suspected economic situation is rejected.at the end of july to apply for the second time i prepared more economic material, the result is rejected again.the refusal is to verify the company, i are the same company twice.do excuse me, have a chance to appeal?two visa will have an impact on european and american countries visa before?a false materials?i'm really ah i didn't also received a phone call in that company.ask god to help thank you picture is the second refusal


you should not provide false materials, only visa officer that the information provided by you is not in conformity with the visa requirements.a visa is generally time-limited.as long as it's not serious problems, such as lying, providing false materials, etc.), more than half a year or more after a visa to apply for a visa without much impact.because more than half a year, the situation of the individual is likely to change, before do not conform to the requirements of it may become a meet, such as income increased, and so on.


as long as it is a visa, don't rule out to influence subsequent visa, some countries on the visa application form will be asked whether you were denied the experience of