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help: turn f d svo airport luggage not hanging straight to a visa

travel problem description:help, check a lot of online information, says moscow svo def airport is connected, 24 hours connecting don't need a visa.but in my case, although is a joint ticket(transfer) from belgrade to fly in guangzhou, moscow, but beg-svo is half before actual carrier aeroflot, after half svo-can is china southern airlines, each big web sites show baggage not hanging straight, from terminal to terminal d f, don't know whether you need this kind of situation when connecting through baggage checked again, the great god the way, please.thank you!the key lies in one thousand to pick up the luggage to check in, baggage whether need to go through to take


you can this joint ticket 99.99% luggage hang straight


joint ticket should be commonly, russian airlines and china southern is a union.you can check, china southern airlines and aeroflot also have shared flights, if is shared flights can certainly request straight hanging


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