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tokyo light wells jersey kamakura tokyo trip

travel problem description:at the end of august 8, a total of 9 days late in tokyo and around two family's four big and small, small, grade four, the current schedule is as follows:the first day at noon arrived haneda airport, living near beijing bridge station, night night at roppongi second day afternoon ginza asakusa temple, pilgrimage, shinjuku tokyo to light wells jersey on the third day, west the prince hotel cabin fourth day light well ze fifth day light well back to tokyo.or beijing bridge station in the same hotel.sixth day afternoon odaiba kamakura day trip from the seventh day morning to make an appointment to visit huang ju, disney hotel in the afternoon, buy a disneyland tickets?disney sea ninth day at 6 pm on the eighth day more return to narita airport, the day can go to any attractions around?or better to go to the disneyland?can put your luggage at the airport and convenient sites recommend you consult everybody a great god, the schedule is reasonable?what is the recommended place ah, tokyo trip is too loose or too hurry?most traffic on tokyo to wide-area 3 light wells jersey?tokyo city need to buy 24 hours to 48 hours card?thank you for your kind help solve


d7 disney better throughout the day emperor casually plug in to the front of it doesn't matter which days can not visit the d9 visit time is too short not disney to xiong jie


into tian shan eat eel.or ole, aeon.must speak true why on the day of the disney visit huang ju