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please help to take a look at this arrangement in canada net sign the schedule is reasonable?

travel problem description:great god please help a look at this sign canada sent to schedule is reasonable?1, beijing-calgary;2, calgary-banff national park;3, banff national park;4, banff national park--edmonton, calgary-montreal;5, montreal;6, montreal, quebec city;7, the quebec-ottawa;8, ottawa-toronto;september 11, toronto;12, toronto-beijing.


travel of words is not reasonable, such a short time to go to so many places, specially fly banff is a 2 days and 2 nights stay will leave?really travel usually like you only 12 days to katong or just to go to west


calgary can directly fly to montreal, why do you want to go to edmonton.however, to apply for canadian visa needs to submit travel plans?i never get the thing anyway.


if only to send to sign, i feel nothing special also is not reasonable.if according to the actual view, i think time is too little rocky mountain area.canada's bright there.katong from benghazi best play twice.