travel problem description:reserve on september 5 to 10 hotels, booking didn'tsee there are not refundable, results cancel hotel reservation, buckle a fiveday room charge of$599, how to do?contact customer service, the hotel saiddon't give a refund, i don
travel problem description:what precautionsanswer:(1)rent car rental is big, famous overseas services as well.haven't heard of a car.answer(2):two almost, multinational drive pay attention to whether there is a cross-border fees.answer
travel problem description:because i don't have a job, the husband pay check,do not know such funds have enough water to apply for a visaanswer:(1)have enough income, the balance will leave enough, you use the husband'smoney, need to provide proof of your
travel problem description:i travel to london with my family next month, todayon the booking booked a london flat, just received a letter from the landlord,let me pay the identity certificate and a copy of the bank card and proof ofaddress letter.what is
travel problem description:buy american airlines discount tickets, fareschange fees and one same fare, whether can don't tube him, not to take, orhave to refund them the procedure should do?answer:(1)if cancellation fee change fees more than the price, of
thetravel problem description:on taobao buy airline baggage on iceland?flyingpigs sold tickets don't pack luggage...answer:(1)or a spectrum.answer(2):air and iceland is not a budget airline, why doesn't my baggage?answer(3):why not in the website to buyan
travel problem description:taiwan how to buy easy cardanswer:(1)10 races to fang, by train to a bus to nine!!!!!easy card are sold at7-11!!!!!answer(2):to jiufen, station by train from taipei to aromatic.rui fang in front ofrailway station have to jiufen
travel problem description:but berat, gino custer such as any deviation fromthe main line, bus also not too convenient to arrive, whether it is worth toknead...what is special...answer:(1)where berat off the main's a place where people go to ah..
travel problem description:whether it is ok to fill in the round-trip flightnumber and time?we want to road trips, this is the need to every day oftravel.but i'm worried about the column on the road, to provide a driver'slicense notarized and rent a car,
travel problem description:3 aircraft xiamen 4 5 noon to sydney city sydney 6and 7 8 9 tower tower states in the evening air with 9 10 11 in the evening tomelbourne ocean route may drive 12 penguin island with 13 14 excuse me, how tooptimize the melbourne
thetravel problem description:fly to paris tomorrow, the first leg of the voyage,the second cheng fahang, svo airport.always feel is the baggage straighthanging, suddenly found that flying pigs show need to transit to sign.just askto call the aeroflot the
travel problem description:such as topic, please everyone in germany drivefour single, a child is probably one of 28 cases 3 24 cases can put down youreally don't know what is europe's station wagon capacity as domestic troubleeveryone used to give some a
travel problem description:united airlines flight from the united states,think back to the big bottle(1000 ml) shampoo and conditioner, excuse me, canput in the checked baggage back?if can, could you take more than a few?abaggage can i check in 2000 ml or
thetravel problem description:going to taiwan at the end of september to thenational day, ask you a few questions:1, visit taipei can get easy card?2, kending area will it be convenient for the bus?can reach all the attractions?answer:(1)easy card is one
travel problem description:canada study abroad, i also intend to home buyers,bring some more money anyway, how can i go out?legal capital.can undertake allkinds of shenzhen, want to transit through hong kong.didn't knowbefore, ask in your tips,
travel problem description:today want to visit the factory, i heard thatadvance booking more insurance, can't find the url, please people do me afavor to send the urlanswer:(1)boeing see stpolo in toulouse:china passport must be more thantwo
thetravel problem description:please please, a great god.o dry!thank you verymuch!answer:(1)bug ticket can not find.recently the prices of ctrip and flying pigs reallynice.answer(2):if bug always have that's not a bug.which platform is the most cheap, eac
travel problem description:recent travel search singapore airlines ticket twopeople back and forth between 4000 2000/per search again becomes 5000 a childunder the age of 2, but the detail shown in infant ticket 210 how to callairline tickets at a draught
travel problem description:september from st.petersburg by aeroflot toirkutsk, svo in moscow sheremetyevo airport transfer, from terminal toterminal b, d transit time is only 1 hour and 15 minutes, time to time?answer:(1)you look at the content is under r
thetravel problem description:as titleanswer:(1)go to the website to buy!tiger airways hand luggage should be 7 kg, jetstarshould be 10 kilograms.answer(2):website to buy.answer(3):basic same 20-inch boarding portable boxanswer(4):website to see, or check
thetravel problem description:one of the german visa, please fill out a formonline is the inviter, i'm going to travel, this is selected in the drop-downmenu without inviter or hotel?answer:(1)hotel.answer(2):to fill in a hotel.answer(3):to fill in the ho
travel problem description:my ticket is hong kong from dublin, ireland, plansto go after arriving in dublin, turn the plane to london directly(notconnecting, it is the purchase of two airlines ticket), play after the britishnorthern ireland to dublin, fin
travel problem description:book ticket is 22, midway transit until 23 tobritain, the return is in the same employment certificates whenis the date of the leave, is start from 22.but when fill out the applicationrequirements of online is the
travel problem description:go to eastern europe is using cmb trafficmastercard, visa, it is better to be the bank of china cash back?answer:(1)you look at the content is under review, after approval to display properly,please be patientanswer(2):banking a
thetravel problem description:will prepare a few euro and rmb, for help whereappropriate in exchange rate are not pit!thank youanswer:(1)i'm change while playing, exchange rates are not the same...every city has alot of points, don't have to worry about i