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american girl came to china to travel say chinese this quality is really high


often see others say other countries how how good, i think their country is best!didn't we to puff,, after all, china is a civilization with somebody else's american girl also calls for people to visit china, the quality of the chinese really high!voice what what affair?the american girl to give china such a high evaluation.

china, due to historical reasons, many places have historical and cultural city, the american girl, like most of the foreign visitors, went to many famous scenic spots in china, after all, a rare holiday.

the girl to the subway, found people ride the subway in china, are consciously waiting in line, whether during peak hours or leisure time, the chinese also was in no hurry to go forward.

american girl came to china to travel, say chinese this quality is high

in people's eyes the most ordinary things, the girl felt very surprised, this also no wonder, after all, there are a lot of reports that the chinese quality is not enough, where after all like to fight, for the american girl thought i wrong to china.

she even think, people queue up in the united states, still be inferior to chinese.

this does not mean that americans take underground won't queue up, on the contrary, queue up is also a high quality business card, american people queue up, after all, although a small thing, but it is a small act can see, a people which, by the level of education and literacy to the chinese people did, and much better than the american people.

to be honest, in view of the system into the station in our country, the waiting queue and street rectification and so on various aspects has made a great effort, almost all chinese people queue up is necessary habit, as long as one into the station, will form a small dragon team consciously.

think, line is almost normal life, which is to be in line to, including eating, by car, go to visit scenic spots and so on.if you don't queue up, can appear chaos, serious can lead to a stampede.

now most cities will install a large number of staff in the subway, to guide and channel flow of work, makes the subway on track with all aspects, so more than american girls sit up and take notice for china, a lot of foreigners also to damuzhitou went up in china.

some netizens said that china's economic development, people would keep up with the pace of china is doing better, is changing every day, even though china still has a lot of insufficient place, but will eventually to become a good road.

others say that a nation's clean and comfortable, people will consciously abide by, china is such a place, let people consciously to love.no matter how others evaluation, we can't proud, should insist to do a cultured man.