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don't go to the summer i mean seriously


after one week, will be more than half in august, could enjoy the scenery of summer, is about to enter the autumn?took advantage of the time at the right moment, while there is time, pack's go, go to paradise sorching summer is cool, the experience beauty don't lose the computer desktop, cool unbeaten in air conditioning room oh.


hidden in the mountains of guizhou, there are the earth belt emeralds, have cool in china, has the largest miao community, is a summer resort of summer.

after the summer temperature in guizhou, everywhere is full of vitality and green, delicate and charming be about to drip in both swim mountain to play water, guizhou can satisfy all your fantasy for the summer.

clear waters with a faint green in the sunshine, like a piece of valuable green gem is set between the mountains, who all take not to walk, but everyone's heart forever.


is located in the plateau of yunnan even if summer is not hot, on the contrary even when in the morning and evening wear long sleeve to keep warm.

don't go to travel in summer, i mean seriously

not arrogance and rashness sunshine shed the earth, light up every corner of the yunnan, lit up the mountain in the thousands of years of snow, lit up at the foot of the mountain clear lakes, lit up the ancient city of green flag road, light up every tired of people's heart.

blue lakes that mirror one party heaven and earth, between trance lets a person as if in a wonderland.


even if is the summer, and only 18 degrees, the average temperature in qinghai, is absolutely a perfect summer resort.

every year in july and august, qinghai lake will bloom into rape flowers.under a clear blue sky, green grass land of rape and other delectable interweave each other, foil each other, lies behind the endless blue lake, so beautiful enough to make people intoxicated, long reluctant to leave.


lhasa in the summer the average temperature in 22 degrees or so, not cold nor hot, is the most suitable for travel season of the four seasons.

from a distance, the clear blue lake with his back against a majestic nyenchen tanglha mountains, vast roof of steppe cattle and sheep embellished, prayer of dancing in the wind.instantly between heaven and earth as if only you a person, alone with the striking beauty, could not help wondering the wonders of nature.


this life less than hunan, try reading mountains also vain.

three thousand mountain, standing high above in the wilderness, eight hundred xiushui winding, the grand master at the art beauty.

mountain city and quiet waiting for generations of honest people of good, quiet waiting for guests arriving one after another.

how can such beautiful scenery is indifferent?how can say go you go say loose powder?the most afraid of not forget for a moment, after the journey that miss like ants climb in my heart too, so this summer, should advise you not to go on the trip.