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yang yuanzhong air staff reporting to the western theater cohesion in linxia civil airport construction related matters!

yang yuanzhong air staff reporting to the western theater cohesion

linxia civil airport construction related matters

6 august, secretary of the committee of yang yuanzhong to western theater air staff, report join in linxia civil airport construction related matters, and requires the military help support to report the matters of cohesion.western theater air force deputy chief of staff cai weisu symposium and speech.

yang yuanzhong first to western theater air force for many years in linxia want to thank you for the concern and support, and briefly introduces the state of economic and social development and transportation projects especially in linxia civil airport pre-project condition.linxia, he said, is the national two hui autonomous prefecture, and one of the two national minority autonomous prefecture, gansu province, is an important source of water supply area and upstream of the yellow river ecological security barrier, it is also an important economic channel connection on the mainland tibetan areas, ecological status and strategic position is very important.is at the same time, in linxia country"three areas, three states"the depth of poverty region, one of the winning play out of poverty as scheduled to be completed the task is very heavy, especially in transportation infrastructure construction lag, the biggest"bottleneck"of poverty is crucial.hope the western theater air force to linxia civil airport construction project to give concern and support, to promote the project as soon as possible to the ground, with wings of take-off for development in linxia.

cai weisu said that support for regional development, it is a major responsibility of forces, as well as the important content of civil-military integration development.accelerate the construction of linxia airport project, to implement the army thought, promote the development of military and civilian integration, xi jinping, booster linxia poverty crucial steps and build a well-off society in an all-round way, have very important meaning and function.western theater air force attaches great importance to the construction of linxia airports, will be conducive to local economic development, is beneficial to the reality of national defense construction, seeking truth from facts, the reasonable compliance, to speed up the argument of examination and approval procedures, signed an agreement with the government in gansu as soon as possible, promote linxia airport construction projects fall to the ground as soon as possible to implement.

vice governor, committee of the secretary-general yong-ping gao and state development and reform commission(ndrc), the western theater air staff od, navigation, security machine camp in china and other relevant departments and civil aviation airport construction group to attend seminars, head of the northwest branch.(zhou weishu)

(source:national daily)