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china cocoa sea sports tourism camping conference to be held

beijing on august 9(xinhua)(reporter zhou)"in xinjiang is so big, i'm going to see"-august 17 to 19, 2018 china cocoa joe sea sports tourism camping conference will be in altay, xinjiang fuyun cocoa sea national geological park, participants will be at the same time of appreciating beauty in xinjiang, experience the minority local characteristics of outdoor sports and motor sports.

cocoa keketokay 48 kilometers northeast of fuyun county in the altai mountains, is the first time in a typical ore deposits and mining sites as the main body of national geological park landscape.in may 2017, the united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization approved the xinjiang cocoa national geological park in the world geological park network list.

2018 china cocoa joe sea sports tourism camping assembly by the chinese mountaineering association, the xinjiang uygur autonomous region sports bureau, tourism development committee of xinjiang uygur autonomous region, xinjiang altay region administrative bureau.camping conference mountain lifting and car line club races and sports, and offensive and defensive arrow, an arm-wrestling, tent and so on dozens of recreational projects.

in 9 press conference, the chinese mountaineering association secretary-general, said zhang zhijian china cocoa joe sea sports tourism camping conference since 2011, the scale expands unceasingly, this year is expected to have 1000 people take part in the sports game convention.