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ice and snow sports in hebei increased by more than thirty percent

a few days ago, in hebei province sports bureau issued"the blue book snow activity in hebei province(2017-2018), according to a 2017 to 2018, the snow season, in hebei province to participate in ice and snow sports with 8.5678 million m in total, 30.31% growth on a snow season.

as of april 2018, ski resort in hebei province total of 37, skating rink total of 33;ski resort facilities, equipment, equipment and accessories, appliances were significantly increased;ski industry agglomeration area, a batch of new formats such as ski town arises at the historic moment.ski from personnel of course of the growing, economic and social effect.backup talent cultivation, the sports bureau in hebei province and hebei province education department jointly organized the"double hundred double than"activities, selection and training 100 teachers, to preach in primary and secondary schools in 103 games for ice and snow sports knowledge, directly to cover more than 10000 students, affect tens of thousands of households to participate in ice and snow sports.it is understood that from 2017 to 2018, the snow season, with"six into ice and snow"in hebei province(into school, into the organs, into the enterprise, into the community, into the countryside and into the family), and communities in drive more people to participate in the ice and snow sports.(reporter feng who)

(coordinating editor:li yi, even clean)