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into the tourist season is not summer admission of suzhou shan street full of tourists.

summer, the highest temperature of jiangnan everyday 30 degrees centigrade, parts and even surged to nearly 40 degrees.

due to the jiangnan canal and relatively humid climate, the same temperature, thermal more apparent than in north china, northwest and other regions, the majority of people spend ten minutes will be sweating like a pig, in outdoor clothes wet a large, the temperature is not suitable for travel on principle, but july and august just the student summer vacation, many parents specially take time out to take children go out to play, upper primary students also have a lot of freedom to travel.

because of the blessing of the summer vacation, in jiangnan many tourist city, a relatively low-key suzhou become one of the popular, not only the humble administrator's garden, lingering garden, lion grove and other classical garden full of tourists, even tourists at ordinary times relatively few shan street is crowded.

tourists begins at eight o 'clock in the morning and then mass poured into the streets of the tang dynasty, and reached its peak in the evening.tourists intensive let a person think of spring festival market, some cruise terminal line up more than one hundred meters, all kinds of shop business is thriving.

some old play is moved to the street, attracting tourists from all over the country, curiosity is the strongest children under the age of ten.slightly older people may peep show still have some impression, most young people don't know what is.so-called peep show is actually a kind of play equipment, artists would advance in box mount picture, the human eye by box holes can clearly see that enlarge pictures.

are many people on the ground, the ship on the river is not idle, during the summer vacation, the boatman busy from morning till night, there are few idle time.when i go to is on thursday, belongs to the normal working days, if it is saturday and sunday, congestion shan street, it's hard to imagine.

shan street, a total of 3600 meters, an end to wuzhong places of tiger mountain, now developed into a tourist scenic spot is a short, most of the other sections of development, the location for many locals, is the place that most gusu amorous feelings of life, due to not in development area, basic see visitors.

the biggest bright spot is not collection tickets shan street, the landscape and jiangnan other ancient town there are many similarities, just absolutely area without xitang, big zhou zhuangdeng town.

suzhou to guard the old city, the ancient city did not appear all at sixes and sevens modernization construction, maintain the ancient unity, this is very commendable.

most gusu lasting appeal is teahouse, shan street could be heard saying or kunqu opera, if you are careful enough, also find periphery has a classic house, named tang shaofu white male shrine.the"hero"of this house is the tang dynasty bai juyi, he once wrote a masterpiece"everlasting regret", a detailed description of the tang dynasty emperor and yang of love.

tang shaofu white male shrine is not building in tang dynasty, but the qing dynasty jiaqing years contribution in honor of bai juyi in suzhou, if bai juyi in the year 825 didn't come to suzhou high rank, maybe there will be no today's shan street.

summer is busy than lijiang shan street, have you ever been to?