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the spring and autumn period and the cultural tourism national famous brand creation during the opening ceremony was held in the spring and autumn yancheng!

on the afternoon of august 8, 2018, issued by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of the"the spring and autumn period and the cultural tourism brand to create national demonstration zone", the opening ceremony was held in the spring and autumn yancheng tourist area visitor center.changzhou city pledges inspect bureau deputy director of quality pan libo, li zhen, inspect bureau deputy director puwenwei wujin district market, the spring and autumn period and the working committee secretary of yancheng district and director of talk is just, yancheng in spring and autumn park hai-qin liu, general manager of a attended the ceremony.

"national well-known brand demonstration zone"is the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine to carry out the"twelfth five-year, much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning"in the"promote the construction of independent brands, enhance brand value and effect, speed up the development of large enterprises with international famous brand and core competence"requirement, across the country to carry out a pilot work.

the spring and autumn yancheng china tourist area in 2008 approved the establishment, in march 2013, the tourist area declare to create the national famous brand, on november 14, 2014, the state quality inspection administration agreed to set up"the spring and autumn period and the well-known brand"cultural tourism of the country's instructions.in december 2016, in the spring and autumn yancheng tourist area through expert group acceptance, become a"national demonstration zone"the spring and autumn period and the cultural tourism brand construction, this marks the spring and autumn period and the cultural tourism brand products and the scenic area steadily improving the quality of the service level, the tourist area expand brand influence, regional comprehensive competitiveness has the milestone significance.

at the beginning of tourist area since the establishment, is in line with the principle of"to protect the city, outside the development", in small yancheng interpretation in the spring and autumn.in recent years, tourist area around the brand construction planning, brand culture, brand quality, five aspects to carry out the national region industry development characteristics in the spring and autumn the creation of well-known brands to create cultural tourism demonstration area, demonstration area of quality, brand, technical standards, further consolidate measurement basis, yancheng influence and popularity of the spring and autumn period and the rapid development of cultural tourism rapid ascension.

brand brand construction plan clear

the spring and autumn period and the cultural tourism brand construction localization is:the chinese city of the spring and autumn period and the cultural experience.tourist area in combination with the actual, establish the"spring and autumn yancheng china tourism brand construction plan(2011-2025), clearly the brand construction goal, construction principle, measures and guarantee measures.one step a footprint, earnestly implement the brand construction goal.

brand culture characteristic

tourist area in archaeological confirmed that more than 2700 years ago, has unique tri-cities sanhe shape of yancheng site as the core, the planning and construction in the spring and autumn period and the culture as the theme,"technology+interaction"as the characteristic of text and subject scenic spot-yancheng in spring and autumn park, and further integration of yancheng museum, wujin celebrity hall, meng he yipa, yancheng wild animals in the world, such as resources, make deep chang wu local characteristics of the traditional commercial street.after eight years of construction and operation, and has formed a"yancheng site protection-the spring and autumn period and the development of cultural tourism-chang wu mosaic"cultural leisure landscape.

brand quality based solid

tourist area set up quality index evaluation system and the system of quality analysis report, held a joint meeting on a regular basis, the analyses of current situation of brand quality, to study the regularity of the spring and autumn period and the cultural tourism brand risk, establish overall risk monitoring, risk analysis, risk early warning and risk rapid response mechanism.tourists' satisfaction always stay in more than 90.

brand building effective

after years of efforts, the effect was obvious in yancheng brand construction.yancheng tourist area and tourism a pillar industry in the area has been awarded to the service industry in jiangsu province famous brand, changzhou quality management award of honor, was named"national aaaaa level scenic spots","cultural industry demonstration zone and demonstration base","11th five-year plan best regional development achievement award","excellent tourist enterprises in changzhou city".tourist area currently has 2 provincial famous brand product, one in quality management in changzhou city, one in wujin district quality prize award for enterprise.in 2015, the china quality certification center for"changzhou wujin the spring and autumn yancheng"brand value, brand value is rmb 2.085 billion yuan.

industry development characteristic

tourist area tries to build up a brand theme activities and entertainment products, continuously develop original performing arts"the blessing ceremony", pundit,"week","dance"bells,"jizisong", etc., and promote local characteristic culture, traditional festival culture, formed to paddle yang xian spring, summer, autumn studies, winter view lamp and so on four big brand activities, its originality, characteristic tourists won the full affirmation and praise.

tourist area will strive to improve product competitiveness, strengthen market appeal, upgrade the service function, in the"cultural and tourism"avenue, resolutely forward!

material source:changzhou in the spring and autumn yancheng tourist area

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