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since the summer of provincial tourist complaints pieces travel scenic spot and accommodation industry in the first three complaints

on august 9, the summer tourism market order treatment stage propulsion work in video conference was held in chengdu.at the meeting, the relevant person in charge of provincial tourism development committee reported across the province to carry out the work to promote the summer tourism market regulation and complaint handling summer tourism market regulation.

reporter learned that this year on june 1, the province officially open the three-month summer tourism market regulation.as of july 31, two months before the entire province all levels of tourism law enforcement received 372 complaints, claims which a total of about 535500 yuan.from the point of the complaint object, travel agencies, scenic spots and hotel industry before a whopping 3, 50% of the total, 50% and 50% respectively.currently has 313, dealing with complaints accounted for 84.14%.so far, the entire province all levels of tourism law enforcement in law enforcement personnel more than 1600 people, found illegal clues to 34.

at the same time, the"black club, black, black car", province tour development council will be zero tolerance attitude down on, continue to purify the operating environment of the tourism market.(reporter yang yimao)