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stephy tang with the prince and his family travel to wear sweethearts outfit high-profile show love for one another

stephy tang and prince

according to hong kong media reports, the singer stephy tang with hand prince(prince) publicly asked, after high-profile put flash from time to time on the internet, has repeatedly been fans exposure in love before, japan and taiwan, don't start also grasp the opportunity to meet!media today received a netizen has again, mean stephy tang with the prince and his family walks hualien!

stephy tang prince wear sweethearts outfit

although only two photos on the back of his forehead, but feel very conjugal love!they proudly wear the t-shirt, a white one black.stephy tang while wearing a cap and sunglasses, but show long legs, hot pants to battle is very sexy, can not but let people find whereabouts?although two people have no hand, also did not see any intimate action, but are sending out the thick love.