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a man travel the some kind of couples third to men around you


friends, everybody is good, i am a food dish, let's continue to talk about travel today.small couples often have such problems, go out to travel, two people often disagree.women always love flowers, water, look at the beautiful scenery, do romantic thing;while men are more like the sea, mountains, valleys, like heroic.

food today it is said, men must have four kinds of way to travel.

a, single travel

at times, a person's trip will let grow on your own, can let oneself understanding oneself, especially men, must come to a trip for a person.

a person do travel guides, a person appreciate the scenery like, a person to travel in a variety of conditions...this may well be yearning for freedom, but it can let you know more, their real situation, know girlfriend how important it is.

2, gay friends travel

man always likes to play with friends, sometimes even ignore the girlfriend's feelings.if you can, must have an offer on their good gay friend, go to a place that everybody likes!

a man without a friend, may be mental and immature

traveling with good gay friend, need not deliberately hide themselves, to how how hi hi!

you can go to climb the tianshan mountain, mount tai, kunlun mountains, also can go to the prairie, whimsy, and play in front of the waterfall.all in all, this piece of fertile land in china, be sure to bring good gay friend go together.in the taihu lake in qinghai lake for a bike, the mongolian steppe on horseback always, at the foot of huashan criticizing each other...

three, couples travel

whether single or travel with gay friends, men are all can enjoy themselves to play, so be sure to come to a lover's trip!

trip, do you want to protect her, you have to consider for her everywhere. she was climbing without moving mountain, do you want to take her by the hand;she was tired, you should be beside shoulder;she was thirsty, what do you want to handing in time...

only during the journey, the she has married, to truly know what is worth you so, take her, you will know that she is worth to marry!

4, parent-child travel

if you have children, must come to a family trip!said parent-child travel here, the can yo, is not only and child to bring their parents.

young children, elderly parents, lovers, around is indispensable to family travel.at that time you are the whole family's center of gravity, travel, you can strongly feel the family how important it is for you, you can truly feel the responsibility on the shoulder, can't put down all day.

parent-child travel, it is best to drive, a family of happy days, will disturb others.

ok, this is our today's everything, men if the four travel experience, it must be a mature man with taste, such a man is the most know to cherish!

if you are a boy, might as well in the following message, about how do you think of travel?

like us, remember to stamp concerns to praise oh, don't forget to share with the people around.

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