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eight points parsing tourism industry planning!


china's tourism industry in the national policy is good, people's income increase, infrastructure perfect driven factors such as rapid, realize the great-leap-forward development, and in the region of the comprehensive benefits, driving, profound changes have taken place in industrial structure, etc.had to let a person think, tourism planning should focus on?

1, tourism planning should be increased to the top-level design

the new normal, the tourism industry based on its comprehensive leading role, consumption has become a leading industrial development, to guide regional economic take-off engine industry and more than 80% of the provinces has been as a strategic pillar industry.therefore, the development of tourism needs to be beyond the traditional function architecture and the work target, formulate public policy, national administration of the national tourism resources support docking with the management policy of national top design strategic measures.

2 era will be comprehensive, public holiday

with the steady accumulation of national wealth, the tourism become a mass consumer goods,"paid leave"to speed up the implementation, also prompted travel demand further release, characterized by cold weather, such as keeping in good health, pension and summer leisure vacation will usher in explosive growth.this will to form complex driving effects, economic structure and produce the relevant policy of supporting implementation.

3, tourism will become more industrial convergence path

is a cross industry tourism consumption structure and more comprehensive structure of industry integration, involving the traditional tourism industry, the country's public policy, and transportation, commerce, agriculture and other related industries.tourist attractions bring tourists gathered, tourists gather the formation of consumption, consumption together with industry gathered themselves together, and eventually form integrating multiple functions of industry agglomeration forms and carriers.

4, tourism will be combined with production city integration depth

travel through handling"consumption", build the food, living, shopping and so on comprehensive terminal consumer economy chain;formed to drive the development of local industry generic tourism industry cluster;brought people's income increases, the gap between urban and rural areas, the urban brand and other interests;the surrounding land appreciation.visible, the tourism industry provides the regional development industry, employment and living environment, services, and five major support, it also determines its will become one of the most optimal choice of city integration.

the tourism real estate is more emphasize tourism resources, with beautiful scenery, and now more emphasis on tourism real estate investment value.the personage inside course of study says,"the investment of tourism real estate is at the same time the sightseeing tourism and leisure, two markets for tourism real estate products generally near scenic spot, can provide sightseeing tour service for the customer, so the tourism real estate investment is a two-way street.we encourage more investment into tourism real estate market, we feel that the risk is relatively low."

5, tourism is of great significance to the poverty alleviation

there is a certain gap between china's economy in different areas, and tourism is seeking balance for backward areas and developed areas of the best tools.it put the economy more developed, consumption ability of tourist area on the crowd, to the tourism product supply is better, but relatively backward economic development of tourist destination.leisure agriculture and rural tourism, for example, converting the spending power of the city to the development of rural economy, to improve people's livelihood and beautiful countryside construction into the veins, realize the tourism poverty alleviation.

6,"internet+"to travel into new situation

tourism is mobile life, the combination of the internet and travel, greatly stimulated the main channel of the life experience of tourism, and touches the explosive force of regional economic development.the internet age, tourism propagation force, online form a smooth communication network.under"internet+"in the big tourist resources and ideas, including data and o2o for tourism product innovation, business adjustment, all-round precise integrated marketing, perfect customer service system construction, etc.provides the reference and basis.

7, regional joint should be a important development direction of

the integration of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, the silk road economic belt, the maritime silk road in the 21st century, and the yangtze river economic belt four regional development strategy, will have a significant impact on the pattern of tourism."much starker choices-and graver consequences-in"period of tourism development, should grasp the opportunity of regional combination, with the help of the internet and high-speed development of dongfeng, beyond the past only in cooperation, routes and products to the interconnectivity, cultural fusion, a new phase of brand cooperation, resource sharing, truly achieve the"1+1>2"the effect.

8, tourism will play a greater role in the construction of ecological civilization

the pattern of economic development of our country is changing transformation and upgrade, green development, the development of circulation industry structure and mode of production become a focus.in ecological construction and environmental protection have become the new normal background, the ecological effect of tourism will be greatly, especially in to promote construction of resource-exhausted cities transformation.

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