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travel daily recommendation: don't go to jin temple in taiyuan is not cost-effective


school near taiyuan, often listen to the local students, taiyuan jin temple is a very worth a visit, in the heart, i've always wanted to go to jin temple feel sanjin culture.taiyuan fun around too much, so much so that to visit jin temple of long time delay.finally in a weekend, i and parents get up early in the morning, two people take cars to taiyuan city, from the taiyuan railway station bus again, about two hours to arrive at the destination.

when we go to the spring and summer, just belong to the season, but the scenery is a good season, green trees and red flowers, blue sky, clear water, deserve to go up in ancient sweet patina of architecture is very comfortable.

s long as a native of shanxi, led from the gate, i began to chat while explaining the story about jin temple, interesting or deep.it is said that the king of jin temple formerly known as jin temple, was built in memory of the state of jin the founding emperor tang suyu and her mother city built after the ginger.we walked all the way in the past, have a dozen ancient building, move back and forth among them, there is a feeling of awe of something i can't.

s long, said to the taiyuan came not to the jin temple, the jin temple but don't know difficult old springs, the maid like, madonna these three feature attractions, don't bargain!my heart there is a little disdain, is not spring, like a good surprise.when we went to see the later, after understanding the story, my heart just understand to the jin temple, just know, at the jin temple three characteristics really expensive!

difficult old spring is at the age of spring, is the source of jin water spring caught my eye, give a person a kind of the feeling of cool thoroughly, green color is very let people like.on the spot, i just want to pick out a cup a cup of water will taste the jin water source of how sweet, but the environment is not allowed.

maid as more than 40 have the waiter is the house of the virgin statue of coloured drawing or pattern, true color, lifelike.the maids look different, smile was like in the communication with people.looking at them, i am very admire song dynasty as people artistic attainments and their creations.however, in the face of the house of the virgin of cold air, i was in the case of holding shed long hand, put each maid, carefully appreciate them or a person to enjoy a calm state of mind, still need a lot of courage, and i do believe you to the attendant particularly unintelligent psychology.

madonna is sitting in the house in the center of the virgin mary painted sculpture, it is of great momentum, rockhopper, embroidered robe, sitting posture, the phase expression, very gentle image of a mother, these statues clothing and manufacture technique, are more classic art of song dynasty.

seen jin temple quiet, and i have long had their own snacks and sit in the corridor to appreciate the celebrity calligraphy and painting on the wall, to feel the charm of ancient culture., satiated with food and we continue to play, water jingyi, jellyfish, tang pavilion attractions are distinctive, among them, the zhou baitang interesting tree, when we go to, just is the most flourishing season, their watermark is thick, and two have fallen tree, and architecture.

jin temple is not big, but also not small, two young men left most because we really prefer to have a place of traditional culture lasting appeal.like the friend of traditional culture, or want to expand their horizons, chun xia jin temple is really a good place.