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gansu province rural tourism and tourism poverty reduction conference

china lanzhou network news on august 9, august 10, the provincial rural tourism and tourism poverty reduction conference held in town in the gannan tam county smelting force.

gansu provincial party committee, deputy secretary, governor tang renjian attended and delivered a speech.in gannan, deputy director of the standing committee of the provincial committee secretary yuchenghui, vice governor and the provincial government secretary-general chang zhengguo, shi peiwen, deputy secretary-general of the provincial government, the lanzhou municipal party committee, deputy secretary and mayor of donald cheung to attend.vice governor of hessler chaired the meeting.

the rural tourism industry is a strong county of enriching people, concentrated 70% of the tourism resources in our province in the country.nearly two years, our province rural tourism development momentum is strong, 2017 tourists rose 31% year-on-year, tourism revenue increased 36% year on year.

tang renjian pointed out that the development of rural tourism in our province is to put the"home","true","flavor"fuses in together, the rural, garden and home together, to production, life and ecology fuses in together, the farming community, park, scenic spot fuses in together, to build rural scenery for flavor.development of rural tourism, first of all, to protect the ancient lane, old house, the house, build a fake antiques there is no meaning, the ecological agriculture is the country agricultural style.construction of rural tourism to grasp the"four gas"(example, old, angry, energetic), example is the development of rural tourism in the, value, not rustic have no value at all.casual exquisite is low-key costly.next, want to make better use of the"old"of the country to maintain the good countryside"old"(the old bridge, old houses, old trees and old street) and style.keep good"old things"in the countryside, inheriting good"old one"in the countryside, tells the story of"old story"in the countryside.to be"smart"in the glow of farmers angry,"points"of the development of rural tourism must have aboriginal village, to be integrated into the spirit of the times.

tang renjian pointed out that the construction of rural tourism in our province to speed up upgrading, tourism poverty alleviation to full play, to innovate the mechanism of the, in the policy, product, forms, etc all want to use your head, play to our advantages, looking for accurate positioning, and brand.construction in the loess plateau of farming culture experience area;is given priority to with the hexi corridor in the gobi desert ecological agriculture sightseeing experience area;predominantly in changqing south landscape pastoral, raise vacation experience area;in gannan, linxia ethnic customs amorous feelings experience area.

for the standard of the construction of the rural tourism, first of all depends on whether the rich villagers, this is our fundamental, especially crucial, tourism poverty alleviation poverty, to our current energy, resources, funds, to escape a crucial focus, aggregation, and maximize the poor peasant households to take in, to make farmers participate in depth.secondly depends on can promote rural township.to deal with sewage and garbage, street to clean, to beautify.make the rural tourism and global tourism from the"trilateral", is to be obvious, high-profile.at the same time, to see whether or not to retain the nostalgia, depends on whether the local custom civilization.the development of rural tourism is to moistens everything silently, change the concept of the villagers, thoughts and ideas.on this basis, to strengthen the planning, the 266 rural tourism demonstration village construction in our province as"the first battle,"build benchmarking.on the way of rural construction, taking"+rural tourism scenic spot","urban and rural tourism","channel+rural tourism","+rural tourism industry", big scenic spot to attract farmers, poor investment and necessary management way, journey to the agriculture, city interaction, called big strong, to form a tourism cooperative;foreign to unified brand, unified management, unified management, internal to uniform standard, unified training, unified norms.to pass crucial for poverty alleviation in our province, rural revitalization, make stock farmers, revitalize the use rural well all kinds of capital, capital, further improve the relevant supporting policies, training of small and medium-sized tourism enterprises, revitalize the rural benefit the masses.at the same time, further enhance the management level, strengthen the support, strengthen the marketing hype.

tang renjian requirements, make rural tourism can't forget the crucial natural essence out of poverty, not afraid of"soil"for fear of"foreign".don't lose example, the surface of the old western style;a simple copy of"thousand village side"of avoid by all means, don't a drawing to build the end;don't rush the unordered competition;reconstruction light tube of low-quality development of avoid by all means.the rural tourism in our province work all have, only owe style.around the next step, our province to implement the conference spirit, down-to-earth work, create a new situation of the rural tourism and tourism in our province work, make the entire province people more happy, comfortable.

during the meeting, participants also examines the gannan town was the rural village of incense to tourism demonstration village, cooperation in the week, the kernel grasslands, tam county bajiao town temple in the mountain village, smelting force town pool ditch village, village of miaogou essential importance qu county sea town essential show village rural tourism and tourism poverty alleviation work.(reporter wan-hong zhang)