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commodity price is many times the purchase price!rebates highest %!how much cheap swim?

commodities priced at more than 100 times the purchase price!rebates up to 90%!cheap swimcommodities priced at more than 100 times the purchase price!rebates up to 90%!cheap swim

just more than a year, a shopping store to return to a travel agency commissions of nearly 20 million yuan.tourist products such as jade, silver, kickbacks low 30%, high is 90%;from zutuanshe, to access the tour guide to the bus driver, each link to take kickbacks...

recently, kunming police abort a to attract tourists, through the low group shopping charge hefty kickbacks gangs, captured the criminal suspect 31.the case opened the low-cost tour behind the black interests chain.


zutuanshe, to access the shopping stores, guide

conspired together

some commodity prices are more than 100 times the purchase price

according to reporter understanding,"xinhua viewpoint"the gang to have a clear division of responsibilities.among them, to visit and play(beijing) co., ltd and shenzhen youth travel service in two travel agencies responsible for both low group, kunming yue travel agency responsible manner, receive, design lines, the tour guide is responsible for tourism and guide to shopping stores of tour consumption, shopping stores offer goods and kickbacks.

in the chain, grasp the tourist resources of the two highest position in group company.micky yue travel in accordance with the standards of every tourist 100 yuan to 500 yuan fee to the group company, the other will be 50 yuan to 100 yuan per person"reward"directly to the two group each a director of the company.

and go to travel(beijing) co., ltd., general manager zhao mou some said:"i have a head office in beijing golden century travel network technology co., ltd.more than 200 members of the resources, using the charge 'reward' conditions."

yue travel agencies is the"center"link, not only to docking upstream of the group company, to arrange a tour guide, at the same time, according to charge fees paid kickbacks and merchants, design lines and the number of shopping store.", in accordance with industry practice, must give travel agency commission, don't give rebate don't take tour groups into the store." thousand yue travel agency legal representative mao said so-and-so.

"to access the main rely on the tour guide to fool, so the guide role is crucial." investigators, in the process of tourism, the tour guide will let visitors sleep less and less as far as possible into the scenic spot, squeezed out shopping all the time.in addition, after tour group to visit the area back to kunming to"sweep a tail","tourist guides threat, there is no obligation to send to the airport in kunming, but if want to go shopping can send a florist.", people familiar with the matter, told reporters that in the process, drivers tend to behave accordingly, such as visitors to shopping store is not out of the car, the driver said can't open air conditioning, can't rest in the car, try to"catch"the tourists to go shopping.

shopping store should always check the amount of tourist shopping and rebates. in order to profit, they often according to the commodity pleased to several times or even dozens of times.

"group is generally travel agencies provide operating at a lower price, each visitor stick one thousand multivariate.and shopping stores are often the purchase price of goods more than 30 times, more even reached more than 100 times. as long as the tourists shopping, travel agencies receive kickbacks, easy to earn back the cost of this negative."

travel kunming municipal public security bureau police detachment division marshal yang rongbiao said.

at present, the police in kunming have captured 31 criminal suspects and seized 100 accounting books, 7 in the case of computer tallies, freezing bank accounts, real estate and money involved.

commodities priced at more than 100 times the purchase price!rebates up to 90%!cheap swim


rebates of up to 90%

a shop a year back to nearly 20 million yuan

support is the key to the black chain kickbacks.

the reporter understands,

rebates are highest jade, can amount to 90%, other jade is typically 70% to 90%, vessels of silver and tea generally between 40% and 40%, 50% and 40% respectively.

the public security organs investigation showed that micky travel services in yunnan with more than 20 shops, a rebate amount is the largest tengchong jade shop, accumulated more than a year to$refund nearly 20 million yuan yue travel agency."the longest time of cooperation, the store began in 2012.because shopping rebates ratio is high, often several groups to buy tea as a group to buy jade."kunming municipal public security bureau of xishan yuan heng, deputy chief of the bureau.

it is known that micky yue travel more than 70% of its revenues from shopping rebates.relies on the high kickbacks, this only 12 people travel agency in 2017 net income of more than 1200 1200 yuan.the public security organs at the same time find out, in january 2017 to may 2018, mao so-and-so altogether by"low price""zero price group"more than 280, upstream zutuanshe corruption related personnel 130 more than ten thousand yuan.

the end of the tour guide is kickbacks. guide mu so-and-so confessed, involved in the september 2016 to june 2017 in yue travel agency work, there is no base salary, also does not have insurance, and subsidy, related fees paid to account of tour."revenue is what i bring guests to the 10% of the total amount of shopping store shopping, i again according to guild regulations to coach driver from the 10% 2.5% of the commission, if the team and the tour guide, i also want to give the tour guide a 2% commission." mu so-and-so says one annual revenues of more than ten thousand yuan.

commodities priced at more than 100 times the purchase price!rebates up to 90%!cheap swim


verbal agreement cooperation

operation has a"secret code", and two sets of accounts

for this type of"zero inclusive-fee"or low membership fee is not enough to pay the cost, take kickbacks on shopping pay membership fee, the industry is called"bet". so-and-so's wife after mao for a travel agency employees, after two 2012 kilowatt/yue travel agency will"bet"mode brought over.

on april 15, 2017, yunnan introduced including cancellation of fixed-point shopping, shelves low-cost tour, article 22 of the tourism market regulation measures.however, many travel agencies, shopping stores, tour guide, such as operating methods and hidden, the phenomenon such as low swim ban on.

according to the dali involved a certain silver shop owner wang mou confessed, discuss it with the hair so-and-so cooperation is"verbal agreement, there is no written agreement and contract", the operating mode is: be hand visitors guide to the store with the corresponding color bracelet, after the shopping, tour guide according to the sales memo and wang mou one check the sales amount and the amount of rebates.then, wang mou a transfer through the network will rebates to so-and-so."thousand pleasant travel tourist spending small single i will good statistics, recorded in the notebook, then the day will ruin the small single."wang mou says.

the reporter understands, since last year, efforts to deal with yunnan tourism and shopping store at a lower price.so, some stores and two sets of accounts, will be open book to a specialized company to do, inside small books often in the hands of boss or trust.

according to the personnel handling the case investigation and so-and-so confessed mao, yue travel agencies have two sets of accounts, is a public account, very"clean";another set of held by mao so-and-so, what amount of time, how many groups, shopping, how many, how many such rebates are clearly recorded."company account and individual account is not shared, money into my account, convenient for private trade."mao said so-and-so.

so-and-so to beijing, shenzhen mao"reward"of the people concerned, the two travel names for"saving".to avoid regulation and investigate, these charges in addition to a few direct transfer, more is through the staff's bank account transfer to the other party's employees, around a circle, strong concealment.

"we will further strengthen the supervision and regulation of the tourism industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry in yunnan."yang rongbiao said, summer is the peak tourist season, remind the tourists before travelling to find regular travel agency, sign a formal contract, do not covet is cheap at"low price".

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