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desirable: thousand island lake ecological tourism listed an important step

thousand island lake ecological tourism listed is the county's 14th party congress established goals, is the"two sessions"government work report request, also is the county people's expectations.for tourism group, to promote tourism market, the depth of the first boat swim in the lake district resources integration, strengthen and optimize enterprise, improve the quality of thousand island lake scenic area tourism, and to further heighten the thousand island lake brand.

tourism group as the main body, thousand island lake ecological tourism listed since last launch work, overcome many difficulties, made substantial progress, working for the listed tourism have laid a solid foundation.

at the beginning of this year in february in the county party committee county government for review by the"thousand island lake ecological tourism to appear on the market plan, through a series of preparation, a few days ago, thousand island lake in zhejiang province travel co., ltd.(chips) smooth convening the establishment meeting, reviewed and adopted the"about the establishment of qiandao lake in zhejiang province tourism co., ltd.bill put tours co., ltd.the articles of association of the thousand island lake in zhejiang province""about chunan thousand island lake tourist transportation co., ltd., the whole of the set up to thousand island lake in zhejiang province tourism co., ltd launched into the agreement"and other 13 issues.

at present, the thousand island lake in zhejiang province tourism co., ltd.all the preparation is complete, the company formed the successful completion of the work, took an important step in the thousand island lake ecological tourism listed.

is the precondition of the listed requirements in a stock company, in order to ensure the thousand island lake ecological tourism time achieve a-share main board listed as planned, make relevant personnel fully familiar with and understand the relevant laws and regulations of the domestic offering standard operation, domestic securities market.let the participants, can be more normative and orderly proceed with the thousand island lake tourism listed, to speed up the thousand island lake tourism listed to achieve goals.training will invite wealth through the securities company, with the relevant authority unit certified public accountants heguohao law firm to professional teachers, to the company prior to the initial public offering of counseling training.company directors, supervisors and senior management personnel, holding more than 5% of the shares of shareholders and the company more than mid-level management personnel more than 80 people attended the training.training on ipo issuance examination procedure and domestic conditions, issuing stock matters needing attention, the company's financial check the key and the problems existing in the audit process and the company standard operation and a series of detailed interpretation of the content.

through training, we further understand and master the first listed securities market related knowledge, financial knowledge, legal knowledge, set into the securities market awareness of integrity, self-discipline and legal consciousness, promote the company's standard operation, smoothly listed company work.

listed tourism on corporation governance structure and internal control management have strict requirements, joint-stock company has just established, we will strictly in accordance with the listing requirements, establish a modern enterprise management system as soon as possible.establish perfect internal control system, learn the advanced management experience.through the way of"going out, please come in", good knowledge of the enterprise management concept, good experience, good practice, apply to the actual work, speaks about service, innovation, quality, efficiency, advancing corporation standard management and sustainable development.stake in the company leadership and middle above staff, are all through the way of public competition to management positions, according to the"first-class state first-class, vision, taste top-grade"the general requirements.

the next step, according to the"one ship type to create a tourism product"concept, to promote the depth of the culture and leisure, launch the xinan culture and modern fashion culture heritage culture,"three"cultural experience, fully promote leisure culture grade, make thousand island lake most distinctive brand of cultural tourism.