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if you see the watermelon to desert tourism don't pick the visitors won't listen to just pick up the regret

for many tourists, although these tourists traveling of the time like to go to some beautiful places, but also some people think that a piece of yellow sand is very spectacular, so now a lot of desert into a scenic spots, every day to be able to receive a large number of tourists, the tourists to come to the desert sightseeing.and before go to the desert, the tour guide will repeatedly remind, go into the desert to see watermelon can't pick, is this why?let's look at next.

as you know, the most treasure is water in the desert, so everyone is very cherish water, especially the sun when walking in the desert, especially want to be able to go to eat some good sweet fruit.before a tourists walk in the desert, when he saw the ground in front of should have a lot of watermelon, visitors initially thought it was his illusion, but didn't expect to walk into a see, unexpectedly is really watermelon.he also remember the guide to remind, to go into the desert to see watermelon can't pick, but the visitors don't listen, just pick up the regret.

it turns out that this kind of thing though grew up and became the appearance of watermelon, but has the very big difference and watermelon, and this thing with huge toxins, people will eat after poisoning.and this name is not called watermelon, it really should be called the name of medicine gourd.although looks like watermelon, but it has a very big toxin, the tour guide to see visitors took the medicine bottle gourd, hurriedly wigged him down, and gave him all the water out, wash your hands.

because most of the plants in the desert is a very strong toxin, although you don't have a contamination to its juices, but it also has a very big harm the skin, not only that, in order to clean up the visitors a hands, the whole tour group ran out of water, it also proves that this kind of thing is really can't touch, in order to avoid unnecessary accident.visitors don't listen to the advice of the guide, to guide result of water wasted so much trouble, so he just picked up the watermelon will regret it.

each netizen, guide remind:go into the desert to see watermelon can't pick the medicine bottle gourd, do you know anything else?

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