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hebei tourism to drive out of poverty than many people

play a role of industrial powerhouse for poverty alleviation

in our province tourism to drive more than 150000 people out of poverty

the hebei daily news(reporter zhang yijie) conference on tourism industry development with the provinces and cities are racing to hold national and provincial level global tourism demonstration area to create a full swing, travel around the new project in hebei province, tourism as the main force of the industry of poverty alleviation, increasing role in boosting the province in the anti-poverty battle.understands from hebei lvyouwei, so far, the province has a total of 120 counties(cities, districts) of 630 villages and towns, 1650 villages in the rural tourism, promoting the employment of 900000 people, more than 150000 people out of poverty.

from 2016 provincial government set up the mechanism of the hktb assembly platform, held the first provincial assembly, by 2017 the province form the"13+1+x"and overall consideration of the hktb assembly mode, three years, through the provinces and cities the hktb's meeting, our province have sprung up around the yihsien taihang water town, the town of changli grapes, fengning by huaxiang fruit lane, the qidan tribe, qix hejian and pastoral scene of a large number of different characteristics such as the new project, to drive more than 560 beautiful rural construction.in our province in the process of creating a global tourism demonstration provinces, with 17 national and global tourism 23 provincial demonstration zone created as the carrier, accelerate the tourism poverty alleviation work.ping shan county to implement the county planning, through the scenic area+village mode, building more than 50 tourism zhuanye village, 23500 poor people stable income.active exploration in recent years, all over the province"travel+poverty alleviation"development path, gave rise to the scenic spot with village, wise men with families,"enterprise+peasant household""cooperative+farmer"and a series of typical tourism poverty alleviation model.

since this year, our province continuously intensify tourism poverty alleviation work.lvyouwei organization carried out in the first half of the province, 206 on the depth of the province ten counties in depth by inputting tent card is funding a baseline survey, provides first-hand the underlying data for accurate poverty alleviation.and on the basis of tourism poverty alleviation chongdian village location, resources, transportation and characteristic industry conditions, are planning to launch nearly tourism poverty alleviation, key projects completed in the province key tourism poverty alleviation project investment.at the same time, in accordance with the principle of"one village one policy", adopting self-directed pairing, facilitate regional nearby pair, pairing, throughout the province tour start wading enterprises pairing support funding social support activities.at present, the province has 106 wade brigade enterprises 168 tourist poverty alleviation chongdian village assistance pairing, established the"hundreds of enterprises to help the village"tourism poverty alleviation mechanism of social support.

further play to the tourism poverty alleviation typical demonstration leading role, in the first half of the province lvyouwei selected 40 tourism poverty alleviation in the whole province demonstration township, demonstration village, demonstration enterprise and demonstration projects, the tourism industry in the province to carry out skills training for poverty alleviation.at present, the tourism industry has held 20 issue of poverty reduction policy and skill training, training a total of 1000 from 10 deep poverty county's rural tourism poverty alleviation chongdian village township cadres, village cadres, tourism poverty alleviation of the"two committees"leader, rural tourism enterprises, residency task force members and will rural tourism management.

poverty alleviation project for the further implementation of the tourism industry, provincial tourism work leading group office for printing the tourism industry in hebei province from 2018 to 2020, action plan for poverty alleviation work.between now and 2020, will support the poor areas in our province to create 30 a-class tourist scenic spot, global tourism demonstration area 20 and 10 tourist resort, the newly built more than 500 rural toilet renovation, planning to launch 50 covers and via tourism products lines in the poor areas.by the end of 2020, our province will be through the development of the tourism industry to drive the 50000 income of the poor stability, the province's tourism resources and development conditions of all funding out of poverty.