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travel daily recommendation: fuzhou brings me unusual summer vacation

the annual summer vacation, i have to go out to play, because my profession is a teacher, so there are one or two months holiday, how does the envy me?i also think this career is really suitable for this girl, i like dealing with a simple student, watching them grow up feel a sense of accomplishment, with such a mood i put a summer trip to lock in the fuzhou.

this and taiwan only separated by a sea of place, against the mountains facing the ocean, the climate is very good, a beautiful environment, have the laudatory title of jiangnan mecca, although the summer temperature is higher, but also can not hold up against my determination to go out, simply pick up the luggage, started to book tickets.

due to long time went, so in fuzhou is just about 9:00, a car i went straight to the three alleys and seven lanes, here can see buildings of ancient sweet patina, can see the folk characteristics of the ancient city of fuzhou, especially residential doors and windows of carve patterns or designs on woodwork technology here, there are exquisite stone carvings, it can be seen that the ancients really very consummate, the construction process is not lost to modern people.

then we went to the south with a long history, backstreet according to historical records, from song dynasty started very busy here, total length of one thousand meters, although the street is in later development, do a lot of change, but according to the legacy of building, we can still see the economy at that time, really very prosperous.

stomach purr, only to find that the original has been a bit more at noon, i hurriedly and friends began to look for to eat, now that came here, certainly cannot eat normal eating habits, food or eat some local characteristics, the still under me a little bit of effort, when to check the information on the internet, fish balls are very famous delicacies, made of fish meatball, wrapped in meat, full of concentrated juice, a bit began to explode juice, the taste is really difficult to forget.

the satiated with food and will continue to set out, fuzhou drum mountain is very famous 4 a grade scenic spot, it is said that there is a very large stone, like a big drum, every time the wind rain, will be like drums, drum sound, so there is just so named.while climbing the mountain, look at the unique scenery, although it is summer, but in the mountains, it's really cool.

sitting drum mountain peak, looking at the scenery around, the tall building at the foot of the mountain become very small, the nature really has the ability to so, let everything prostrate at the foot of it, everything became very humble.we are in front of nature, in addition to enjoy the beauty of it, and feel the charm of endless.

heard to must go to place is the forest park in the city, it is a very famous park, there are a lot of rare tree species, and in this case, you can breathe the most natural oxygen, the oxygen and we felt at ordinary times is not the same.

in the evening, we go to the most lively place, habitual pavilion street in fuzhou, here has a very long history of business history, an old street is very busy, here you can see a lot of characteristics of goods, there are many delicious snacks, is really use to eat everything, can play a few days in fuzhou, it seems this summer vacation is really unusual!