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travel daily recommendation: historical scenery desert the great wall in ningxia

in ningxia is a very unique place, in the inland, have vast of the desert, but in some places water resource is very rich also, can even take some beautiful jiangnan.from the view point of view, this is unique.in ningxia humanities scenic spot is very much also, there are several dynasties of the great wall, and the kings.this scenic spot, how could you miss.

before this to, i've also been to ningxia once, because of business trip, stay here for three or four days, simply look at the great wall.this time, together with his girlfriend for a few days holiday, and finally have time to come to ningxia.we will probably be arriving in the evening, finished to book the hotel for check-in, ready to go out and find some local specialty food to eat.desk clerk told we happen to hold a food festival in local, such a good chance to taste, we certainly can't miss it.

place in descending water town, from is not far away, we're going to walk past.when to have a lot of, not the kui is the northwest food festival, most are meat on the stall.in addition to the local food, have a lot of local snacks, such as hot and sour powder, the small steamed bun, etc.after having eaten the slices of meat, we again just at night, slowly strolled back to the hotel.

the first day of travel arrangement is a bit tight, go to china in the morning, then go to sands island.china is one of the most famous scenic spot in ningxia, have to go to the nature, and sands island, although not famous, but there are ruins of the great wall.china is a history, the ancient silk road, the only place.is fragrant hill, the south qilian mountain, one of the flows of the north is the tengger desert.side is wei mountains, one side is a vast desert, the middle is the yellow river crosses from here.

at a distance, we also saw the"camel", is said to be going to the tengger desert adventure, in a piece of yellow are associated with a thread.there is a special way of play called smooth in the desert sand, like the slide from slope slide to below, is very interesting.in addition to this, and drifting can play, in my eyes, it's a super big playground.

commend travel everyday:the great wall, desert scenery in ningxia product history

at noon to find a restaurant to taste the famous hand grasping mutton, really liked, i would like to take a little home.after eating and then hurried to the sands island, there is also a"desert garden", is called provence in china, and even have a vast expanse of lavender.and i want to see the great wall ruins in the east gate, the wall has been to around the lake, so there's a lot of weeds on the wall.

the scenic area is too big, so we had to sit sightseeing car to see the great wall, also passed a particularly large pier, is said to be the beacon tower square block.site will be site, some broken, but added a lot of history.

on the third day walk to the high security temple temple, this is a hold daoism temple, people of different beliefs can converge here, too.temples have been renovated many times before renovation, larger players slowly, becomes now a temple group.behind the facade is ursa major, is the high temple.step walk up the steps, passing in the memorial arch, floor, etc., finally can reach the mountains, the jade emperor and the virgin temple.

, this trip is more for the great wall, but a journey in ningxia, let me see more scenery and history.maybe people are to be on the road of time and time again, to a more complete.