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tourism poverty alleviation model should demonstrate what?

tourism poverty alleviation model should demonstrate what?

a few days ago, the third people charming folk cultural tourism festival in wen county, longnan city, gansu province, opened in the beautiful scenery of the tianchi scenic spot, visitors through the white people of ethnic song and dance pool, pipa playing day, fire dance and meet torch program to understand characteristics of folk culture, local villagers white people by selling agricultural products, performances, such as open alternative way to seek the new way of tourism poverty alleviation.

once upon a time, the residents of urban people in my spare time like to go to the farmhouse.have to say, however, the current many alternative accommodation, food, internet, parking and other hardware conditions and some mediocre, at the same time, the more painful is simple morals, characteristic of local folk custom is gradually lost.was originally a minority ethnic characteristics of dancing when the festival, the be over and over again in the usual performance;was originally a pious naxi priests, but in a short span of a few years into a shrewd businessman...really not worth recommending.

in recent years, shanxi, sichuan, gansu and other planning building reflect the local culture of tourism poverty alleviation model in different areas.this is a good thing.can through the reasonable planning and orderly construction upper and lower linkage, make rural tourism integration project to be raised.

in order to avoid the model make the mistake of some organic and demonstration village to demonstrate?a subject worth studying.

first,"the use of fiscal funds, financial credit, social capital and other capital, increasing investment, improving roads, drinking water, public toilets and a series of basic public facilities"for tourism poverty alleviation of infrastructure construction, gives the concrete scheme of fujian province.

next, in order not to make the tourism poverty alleviation products extensively, homogeneity, be busy at that time the showcase projects, fujian launched the"three a"project, is to foster a batch of the characteristic development, home to a number of in food, promote a batch of goods in characteristics.

3, the rural tourism development, the demand for talent at every level, in view of the number of tour industry and the low cultural quality problems, from the guide tourism enterprises in fujian province and department integration advantages, carry out various training three aspects, a series of measures to guarantee for rural tourism poverty alleviation and intelligence.

rural tourism is a"double-edged sword", each want to out of poverty in the tourism industry is a tricky village, industry to a more prosperous, out of poverty have a more lasting power.