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shandong the city clean degree as good as japan has been chosen as the first health city


tourism is a very good thing, not only can feel the different parts of the scenic spots and historical sites, can also experience the local conditions and customs.to travel to a place, always want to bring us different experiences, or comfortable, warmth, or swarm stimulation and so on.and almost all travel will choose a beautiful environment, clean and tidy place to travel.said to the beautiful environment and clean and tidy, many people thought of japan and south korea, have been to the visitors to their country's clean and neat impression, even the car drove past a long time but wheel is very clean, spotless.this is very worthy of our learning.

regardless of national situation and the history, the advantages of japanese certainly worth learning, and learning and innovation is a feature of our chinese again.in the east of shandong is such a city, is to rely on japan and south korea recently city, the streets of the city is very clean, the road almost clean bench, clean health completely can compete with japan and south korea.some friends might think of qingdao.after all, when it comes to shandong, the first impression is qingdao, but in terms of cleanliness, weihai is a few streets in qingdao.

weihai lies to the east of shandong, north southeast to the brink of the yellow sea on three sides, with the north and the liaodong peninsula, the korean peninsula facing each other across the sea to the east, belongs to a prefecture level in shandong province.why do we say weihai clean degree can be compared with japanese?as we know, japan's city clean is not only refers to the streets clean, but each resident will maintain the public health as a very natural thing, formed a kind of accomplishment, like a japanese companies to implement 5 s, finally let a person from habit to literacy, only do that can long to keep the city clean and tidy, and most of our city qing countless cleaner, a lot of time can always see a cleaner in cleaning the morning the streets flying garbage everywhere, just to show a clean environment under during the day.

the city of shandong, clean degree as good as the japanese, who was named the first health city

in weihai city in the 80 s began to advocate health city, through the efforts in the early 90 s was named the first national health city, was elected the national garden city, national forest city, national civilized city and so on.in this process, the government formulated the very strict rules, such as anyone who dare to throw rubbish or spit phlegm in the street, caught that was to be punished, and frequent publicized in the media and newspaper, forming good hygiene and civilized atmosphere.is this continuous publicity and strict regulations, weihai people gradually formed the good habit of hygiene.

you can see in the street, in weihai street bench basic without paper towel can sit directly, also won't have the young and the old habit of littering.by the local people a good habits, and beautiful environment, the influence of foreign visitors to weihai and will abide by the rules, also don't have the heart to destroy such a clean environment.from these small details we can see that a good habit can not only benefit ourselves, can also exerts to the people around him.

although weihai because clean famous, but we can't ignore the weihai tourism resources, weihai back toward the sea, mountain has not lost to qingdao, yantai, sanya beach, still have a long history and the modern history of turmoil.though fame was covered with the qingdao and yantai, but in recent years, more and more people choose to travel to weihai to settle down.friends, you can choose to eat qingdao prawns or go to weihai?