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month: sichuan tourist complaints accounted for half of a travel agency

today's chengdu on august 9(reuters)(wang jun), sichuan tourism development committee organized the summer tourism market order treatment stage propulsion work in video conference.at the meeting, the relevant person in charge of provincial tourism development committee reported across the province to carry out the work to promote the summer tourism market regulation and complaint handling summer tourism market regulation.

reporter learned that, at the meeting this year on june 1, the province officially open the three-month summer tourism market regulation.as of july 31, two months before the entire province all levels of tourism law enforcement received 372 complaints, claims which a total of about 535500 yuan.from the point of the complaint object, travel agencies, scenic spots and hotel industry before a whopping 3, 50% of the total, 50% and 50% respectively.currently has 313, dealing with complaints accounted for 84.25%, overdue 1 piece, the rest of the 58 is within the valid term."so far, the entire province all levels of tourism law enforcement in law enforcement personnel more than 1600 people, found illegal clues 34."provincial tourism development committee quality specification management office director wang yanlin is introduced, the current tourism market screening of the province city of 21 states are constantly deepening, market regulation and high pressure situation atmosphere has been formed, results show.

at the same time, the meeting also conveys the culture and tourism"black guide"rectification of advance will work spirit.thus,"by the provincial tourism development committee will long black club, black, black car", in a zero tolerance attitude and actions, continue to purify the operating environment of the tourism market, hit the"panda hometown, sichuan tianfu"loud and clear business card.yang jian deputy director of the provincial tourism development committee on further do a good job in the summer tourism market order control, stressed that work in tourism departments at all levels should be"problem oriented", from the perspective of the lesions, from the perspective of the cooperative engagement, on the top floor mechanism design, build, innovative ways of further deepening, active, creative thinking, actively play a role of tourism department of comprehensive coordination, fumble an experience, for success, adhere to provide in the renovation, adhere to the precision strike, insist on the joint of management, the result oriented, strengthen the propaganda guidance, effectively carry out renovation work of summer tourism market order.

(zebian:anita yuen under three, hong-xia gao)