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city of tourism in china's security hundred million more people visitors say not afraid to be rip off

in the main port of yangtze river, chongqing, southwest china has become the world's fastest growing tourist city, chongqing in 2017 received 540 million visitors, tourism revenues of more than 300 billion yuan, the growth rate as high as 14%, is the first city tourism potential china and asia, and the vigorous development of tourism industry is also following the urbanization of chongqing and chongqing, a miracle.chongqing is a what kind of city?

love speak dialect of chongqing frankness and capricious.

in chongqing, the locals communication process used to chongqing, not to consider any you don't listen to understand and to speak mandarin.in addition to some young people will switch when you ask the way mandarin and you communication, some basic is not up to the age of uncle aunt switch to mandarin mode of communication with you.

listen to don't understand with you, this is probably the chongqing people"do"one of the characteristics of regional labels.although communication up very upset, but the enthusiasm of the chongqing people that absolutely no less than the temperature of chongqing, as long as for help, to be able to get much help.

for friends love to eat spicy, is indeed a very hot city of chongqing.a:what's the weather like in it very warm in summer.the spicy smell of hot pot, so 2:road.hot pot in chongqing price is quite high, of course, some travel clock hotpot restaurant or can obviously see that the perimeter of the rise in price, but also can accept within the scope of the tourists.

and to recommend a good hotpot restaurant for chongqing locals is very strange.because every hotpot restaurant in general not bad where to go.on the one hand is chongqing people own fastidious about food, on the other hand, to eat hot pot this fresh material establishments, each will have their own characteristics and how to eat their own characteristics.should be more important is the flavor dishes, eat hot pot without flavor dish for them is not acceptable, modulate delicious flavour dish is also a significant effect on the experience of eating hot pot.

in addition to beer and skittles, attract tourists most is its urbanization of chongqing.as china's third largest municipality directly under the central government, the fifth largest city, chongqing buildings densely with little hong kong, china

is the most beautiful city, the title of china's most beautiful night view.to chongqing, visitors can't help but marvel at chongqing's modernization, the aesthetic feeling of chongqing city.

the safest tourist city in china, the annual reception of more than 500 million people, tourists are not afraid to be rip off

in addition, chongqing in the southwest region is rich in humanities, the natural ecological tourism resources, basic can meet the be fond of most tourists.spectacular city, food culture is rich, diverse natural ecological resources, leading to chongqing to become china's most popular tourist scenic spot, in our view is that chongqing has a strong economic strength, ensure the tourism infrastructure.

of course also let tourists praise, chongqing control ability for tourism, tourists, is the most intuitive feelings are not afraid to be in chongqing tourism and personal rights can get security.this for today for insecure chinese tourist in china, it is very precious, so chongqing is also the most trustworthy, tourists the most secure tourist city in china.