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global travel service center put into use at the end of yanji

the whole domain of yanji city tourism service center since the middle of june this year decorate construction, at present has been basically completed, perfecting internal and experience tourism products demonstration area function, which is expected to be put into use at the end of august.

the whole domain of yanji city tourist service center zhaiyujia taken

global tourism big data analysis platform zhaiyujia taken

the whole domain of yanji city tourism service center on the east side yenji, west railway station, city road passenger transportation center on the third floor, a total construction area of 600 square meters, with the office of the reception, travel services, tourist information center of quality supervision, comprehensive regulatory office of tourism, tourist circuit court, global travel data center and other departments.center construction to serve the good local people and people to delay for the purpose, pay attention to the integration of chinese korean folk culture and display, through customs decoration, scenery pictures, publicity materials, such as video playback mode, comprehensive display yenji, rich tourism resources.

"after the commissioning of the center, the main four functions."yanji tourism bureau director of the office of du yuming says, is a tourist comprehensive service functions, including yenji, tourism image promotion exhibition, travel consultation, complaint handling, such as self-service query convenient one-stop travel services.2 it is the city tourism image display function, main show yenji, history and culture, economic and social development achievements and future prospects.three is travel large data center function, based on the city's major tourist scenic spot, traffic node, rural tourist spots for real-time dynamic monitoring, time grasp tourism reception, analysis summary travel data report regularly, provide decision-making basis for tourism development.four is yenji, features and function of tourism commodity experience, a korean folk show experience area, such as characteristic tourist commodities can experience already, also can choose and buy.

yanji global travel service center put into use at the end of august

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