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style yingjiang county tourism bureau of radio, film and televisionon august 10, yunnan province people's government held a press conference, forthe province's tourism industry, facing the serious situation of and problemsexisting rare opportunities of de
in recent years, more and more people to travel to spain, study abroad,immigration, the state of climate and geographical advantage with its uniquecharm has become many foreigners aspire to.spain is southern europeancountries one of the lowest population
this year is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, for theimplementation of the provincial party committee propaganda department, etc onthe wide range in the whole province in sichuan province"the new newatmosphere"celebrating the 40th anniversar
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about heat of summer, i can think of the most pleasant thing in the indoorside blowing air conditioning eating watermelon, also look at god.watermelonas necessary summer, both economical and effective, however, is not all peoplelike chinese people to eat
on august 13, the, sword door travel (871381) issued shares issued report.the company forthe price of 2.4 yuan/share, offering 200 million shares, the actual raisingmoney 480 million yuan.sword door travel, said this to raise money is mainly used for swor
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on august 13, wuhan evening news(reporter liu xuan correspondent qiaochenglingling) very not easy pregnant with two treasure, only to find that eating aweek of allergy medicine.the baby is leave or flow?chan 13 early in themorning, with anxiety to wuhan f
guangzhou daily news(full media reporters full jie correspondent ma jieming)summer half, active on the tourism market of tourists in the same angle.thetravel agency, according to data from august 15 solstice tourists in lateaugust, family travel percentag
recently, part of the tourism media according to"summer is pale with a grouptour market","several routes product price collapse, four, five thousand daystour of thailand to more than one thousand","macao new line products to morethan six thousand twenty t
travel abroad is always a good happy, good looking forward to!but some thingshave to do your homework first, before going abroad to avoid embarrassment,play more fun. a, passports, travel documents deadline![travel preparation work, these six things more
the lugu lakeday in the lake, lake or in the sky;a body down here on earth, he turned to heaven;lugu lake is a place where a trance;is that it makes me feel the power of nature.![if you have been to the three places, you will experience tourism different
to lhasa in tibet tourism, and have the yunnan tibet line sichuan-tibethighway can choose, two line mileage is 2300 km.yunnan tibet line passesthrough the yunnan dali, lijiang, shangri-la, the scenic spot's fame is noless of kangding, xindu bridge along t
thewith the western culture was introduced into china, many chinese are alsobeginning to follow the foreign way of life, give yourself some more time onvacation tourism, japan is a country, we chinese people are very like to go tothe first, of course, is
in recent years, under the"old-age pension services, construction apartment,houdiaoshi endowment tourism development base", etc, to raise funds in theelderly frequent cases of illegal fund raising, cause serious impact to socialstability and financial ord
recently, director of the family of the thief kore-eda maxed out all offriends!no ups and downs of the plot, no dog bloodrelationships...evaluation:a lot of people like the plain boiled water.plain narrative, is enough, no wonder can do word of mouth and
has a 960 square kilometers of land in our country, the so-called ishumongous, but terrain distribution in our country, many still is givenpriority to with mountain, for my home city, there are so one mountain, moreor less but today we are going to introd
mary ann square and the church here(original, this article by alan travel link without permission is prohibitedreproduced!)before they imagine yourself living in that small town abroad, don't need ahigh building, is about the first look on the second floo
thein most tourists impression, france is paris, but for who is familiar with thefrench, is on the south of the mediterranean method is the most"french" south method have their own characteristics:| loch(nice)nice is one of the most famous blue
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theas people living standard rise, more and more people know how to enjoy life,go out to travel will become the a first choice for people to a lotof chinese tourists will choose to travel to singapore, malaysia, thailand,new matei tourism not on
according to the chinese village voice"rural china"report, global tourism inhenan district rural well in tourism, catering, service, agricultural productsprocessing, under the guide of district agricultural implements with secondand third industry, has re